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Tints save energy? How?!

With two types of tinting to choose from - traditional tinted glass and coated glass - you have options. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of each process in depth with our knowledgeable staff.

While insulated glass slows down the energy transfer between your home and the outside, tinted and coated glass actually reflects the sunlight back. Your building will receive far less sun during the summer.

What glass can be tinted?

The short answer is that if it's glass, our expert technicians can coat or tint it!


Tinting and coating are especially useful for windows on the southern exposure of buildings to help protect against excessive sunlight.


We can also tint or coat the windshield, door windows, rear windows, and mirrors of a car to reduce glare while you drive.

Window tinting benefits:

Square Square

 • Decrease heat

 • Protect interior from sun

 • Reduce glare

 • Improve comfort

 • Improve energy efficiency

 • Increase safety

 • Enhance appearance

 • Fast and easy installation



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